Prospect Roleplay, as the name suggests is a server based off real life roleplay in SA-MP. After watching many servers both succeed and fail, we’ve taken our time to watch the problems of each community and try to prevent them on our own. Our script and maps are updated regularly often. A server where you can build up friends, statistics, reputation and fun, without the fear of losing it!


Delivering the best out of SA-MP.

We have many fun features and commands that gives a unique gameplay and roleplay experience.


We focus on real life prospects and so does our economy! The server's economy is realistic and balanced


We have a team of scripters and roleplay veterans in so you don't have to worry about any server issues


We have an active community with more than 300 role-players from all around the globe


We don't endorse copying any server and instead focus on our own identity

what we offer

Core Features

It is quite difficult to explain what we offer in words, there’s a large ocean out there, you may register on the forums and join our discord server before diving in to know more about us. 

Family System

Legal Factions

Secret Agencies

Unique Properties

Election System

Unique Jobs

About Us

Why should you play here?

We are working on script everyday to offer you immersive roleplay experience in SA-MP. We update our script on a daily basis, after taking every player’s feedback into consideration. A server where you can build up friends, statistics, reputation and fun, without the fear of losing it!


Accounts Registered


Staff Members


Server Uptime


Discord Members

Coming soon....

We Are Currently
Under Development

Work With Us

Ever wanted to administrative a server? This is the best time to do so at Prospect Roleplay, we are hiring new staff members. Grab your position before recruitement ends.

Join Our Devs

Currently in the need of active and experienced mappers and pawn-developers who is willing to join our development team and has interest in the community

Help Us Grow

If you like our project or community then please consider donating or inviting your friends. And you will be rewarded for doing so! We appreciate every single support



Want to know more
before starting out?

The community is very new and it was launched around early April of 2021 with the help of community owner  Renisal and has been running since then.

Becoming a staff member is not that difficult but it is not that everyone can do. You must have a willingness to help the community then the requirements and application becomes meaningless.

Getting into a legal faction or secret agency might be difficult if you are just starting out but we recommend you to start out with gangs and roll with experienced members to get to know the server better.

Good things takes time, our development and staff team are working on the script and server every day to make it happen as sooner without any annoying bugs or missing suggestion threads on forums.


Contact a staff to get support for queries related to the server

Join the server to get started right now! No applications, no tests, nothing.